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Jon Stewart Explains How Dems Lost NY 9th District (VIDEO)

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After 88 years of Democratic congressmen representing New York's ninth district, the seat has been handed over to Republican Bob Turner in a special election. Like many others this week, Jon Stewart attempted to explain how this could have happened on Wednesday night's "Daily Show."

Of course, the first person you might think to blame is the person who recently vacated the seat, Stewart's old college buddy Anthony Weiner. You might remember how conflicted Stewart was covering Weiner's sex scandal earlier this year, but he had no qualms about showing the now infamous crotch photo once again in this segment dubbed 'The Dong Goodbye.'

But Weiner and his wiener aren't the only ones to blame. Stewart also got an opportunity to reprise his spot-on Queens mother impression due to former New York mayor Ed Koch endorsing Republican Turner with some hilarious but apparently effective robo-calls. On top of that, Stewart shows just how much of a wet blanket Democratic contender David Weprin was during the campaign (and, again, busts out his Queens accent).


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