09/14/2011 02:06 pm ET | Updated Nov 14, 2011

Judge John Kane Threatens City Of Denver With Daily Fines Unless It Turns Over DPD Excessive Force Documents In Lawsuit

U.S District Judge John Kane has criticized the city of Denver for dragging its feet in turning over documents in an ongoing lawsuit related to Denver Police brutality, according to The Associated Press.

Judge Kane is threatening to fine Denver $5,000 a day until it provides the court with the documents.

7News reports that the documents include every excessive-force complaint filed against a Denver police officer or sheriff’s deputy since 2003.

Kane originally ordered the documents in July and the city has yet to hand them over. However, city attorneys may not be “dragging their feet,” it may be the sheer volume of documents to be delivered. According to The Denver Post, there are 300,000 pages of documents and 7,500 audio and video recordings. City attorneys said that it would take 3,600 staff hours at a cost of $85,000 to gather all the materials.

Denver Police officers have faced much scrutiny in the last several years over excessive force, much of which has been caught on video. In early September, officers Devin Sparks and Randy Murr were back in the news for getting their jobs back due to a technicality -- the pair were originally fired over issues related to a vicious beating of Michael DeHerrera outside a LoDo club that was caught on tape.

In June, Denver police subdued a man at the Denver zoo who died after resisting arrest. The man’s girlfriend accused the DPD of using excessive force in their arrest of him.

CBSDenver reported about a night in 2009 that began with a group of women celebrating a college graduation and ended with a violent encounter with Denver police -- an incident also caught on video. Sharelle Thomas is one of four women suing the city and officers over the 2009 incident. The officers have since been fired.

Denver’s police force settlements in 2011 alone have reached over $1 million in payouts to victims from the city, The Huffington Post reported.