09/15/2011 07:50 pm ET | Updated Nov 15, 2011

Edwin Parada Relatives, San Francisco 'Crime Family,' In Trouble For Mortgage Scam

This article comes to us courtesy of SF Weekly's The Snitch.

District Attorney George Gascón is calling them San Francisco's own "crime family:" Two relatives of Edwin Parada -- who faces trial for allegedly duping Latino immigrants into a home mortgage scam -- now face charges of pushing the exact same scam on yet another victim.

We wrote about Edwin Parada in a 2008 cover story -- the Spanish-speaking Christian radio host who allegedly scammed 31 victims facing foreclosure and got them to sign over their house titles to him. The victims ended up making smaller payments to Parada than they would have paid the bank, but those checks added up to $2.2 million, which prosecutors say he stole from his victims.

Now the net widens: Parada's 49-year-old brother, Carlos, and 26-year-old niece, Karla, both of Antioch, face charges for having defrauded an elderly victim with the exact same scam. Prosecutors don't know if Edwin played a part in the scheme against the 71-year-old widow, who they identified as Delia G., but what they do know is that Delia signed over her Lisbon Street home in the Excelsior District to the alleged crooks.

Carlos presented himself to the the woman as a member as a clergyman, and urged her to sell him her house in order to pay for her husband's funeral. But in the sales transaction, the Paradas falsified debt notes to divert $100,000 into a company owned by co-conspirator Geovanny Avendano. He then kicked back $90,000 to Karla's bank account, who then allegedly returned some of that to her father.

Carlos turned himself in on Monday, and is set for arraignment on Friday, on charges of grand theft, conspiracy, theft from the elderly, money laundering, and first degree burglary. But police want help in locating Karla, who is still on the lam. The father-and-daughter duo are both licensed real estate agents.

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