09/15/2011 12:44 pm ET | Updated Nov 15, 2011

Jennifer Lopez's Ex Says She Shouldn't Be Married

As rumors that Jennifer Lopez is starting to date again swirl, her ex-husband, Ojani Noa, warns potential suitors to steer clear of the superstar.

“I was honestly in love with that woman,” Noa, who was married to the singer for less than a year in 1997, tells me. “At one point I was supporting her. When she was getting bigger I was part of it. I never, never in [the] past 12 years got credit for any of it. How they are turning it around and trying to make me look like the bad guy.”

Noa, who admits he hasn’t spoke with Jennifer since 2002 when he got fired from her restaurant, has had a difficult relationship with his ex involving several lawsuits. And although he insists he has never said a bad word against her, doubts if she is really marriage material.

“It seems that every time something happens it’s the other person's fault," Noa tells me. “They always try to blame the other person. Maybe sometimes people need to look at themselves in the mirror and realize they are hurting the other person, the other family. Maybe they shouldn’t be married. I don’t know. Maybe they need to be single.”

Bradley Cooper you have been warned, now run for your life.