09/16/2011 10:34 am ET | Updated Nov 15, 2011

Jon Stewart Rips Obama Solyndra Scandal, Media For Loving It (VIDEO)

When it comes to President Obama, just about every 24-hour news network is guilty of indulging in a scandal, but the most recent one regarding California-based solar company Solyndra has Jon Stewart telling all media, "That custom-tailored Obama scandal you ordered is finally here."

Stewart approached the story of Solyndra's collapse after receiving over $500 million from the Obama administration to produce green energy by comparing it to previous scandals the media has eaten up, from Bill Ayers to birth certificates. But as he went through the scandal piece by piece, he couldn't deny the "weapons-grade political fodder" that is Solyndra's bankruptcy.

Not only does Solyndra sound like a dystopian future planet, but Obama's endorsement of it -- including a personal tour of the facilities -- adds insult to injury when it comes to the half a billion dollars it received from the government before its collapse. Although according to Stewart it only took about 1.3 percent of the money give to green energies by Obama, it was their poster child.

Stewart did give the President's investment, however foolish, the benefit of the doubt, saying that the failure of one company doesn't discredit the entire idea of a green energy economy, but he had to add one big "but":

"But, if in, let's say, 1936 you spoke about the growing importance of air travel in front of, I don't know, the Hindenberg, you'd be right about the future of air travel -- but you'd still be on f*cking fire!"

What really adds the shock value to the situation, and what has given House Republicans and the media even more ammunition against the President, is a "whiff of sinister cronyism." Watch the full segment below to hear Stewart's reaction to insider warnings that predicted Solyndra would go bankrupt this year, reports that a top Solyndra investor visited the White House several times before their loan was approved and other details that are undoubtedly giving Fox News an erection.