09/15/2011 03:31 pm ET | Updated Nov 15, 2011

Kim Kardashian At Four-Years-Old (VIDEO)

Ever wonder why the Kardashians are so comfortable living their lives in front of the camera? They've just had years of experience.

Kim Kardashian must be rifling through the attic because she just found a bunch of old home movies, taken by her late father Robert Kardashian.

Kim posted an adorable video of herself on her fourth birthday dressed as Minnie Mouse, on her website.

She also sent her sister Khloe a clip of little Khloe dressed as a bunny for Halloween at only 4-months old.

It's hard to believe these little kids would grow up to be so glamourous.

Be on the look out for more Kardashian memories as Kim promises to post more vintage videos of the whole family.