09/15/2011 07:02 pm ET | Updated Nov 15, 2011

Muni Bus For Sale On eBay (PHOTOS)

Move that bus! Into your driveway!


If you thought playing this Muni bus-driving simulator was the closest you'd ever come to being behind the wheel of your very own Muni bus, think again.

A 1969 GMC "Fishbowl" New Look Bus, complete with its original retro Muni paint job, is currently for sale on eBay.

The 40 foot long bus holds up to 47 of your closest friends, has all of its original mechanical gear still intact and is a steal for only $11,999.

The possibilities of what you could do with this bus are figuratively endless.

Fill it with pudding and charge people $5 each to take a refreshing dip in tapioca. Take everyone in your office for a Thursday evening party-bus trip to Ukiah and then leave them all there—instant three day weekend. Drive up and down Market Street as slow as possible without picking up a single passenger; see if anyone notices anything out of the ordinary. You can do whatever you want, this is life.

That's why you have to buy this bus right now and save it from being turned into another food truck hocking $12 gourmet hot dogs in Hayes Valley. Or worse: Burning Man.

The seller, Loren Joplin, has an over 99 percent positive feedback rating, so the odds are very good that if you send him money you will soon actually be the proud owner of a gigantic bus.

Nicknamed "Fishbowl," the GM New Look Bus was produced from the late 1950s though 1987. Joplin purchased this particular bus from the San Francisco transit agency some 20 years ago.

Joplin has lovingly maintained a collection buses for decades—at one point owning every single Fishbowl model the company produced—but is now in the process of gradually selling them off.

This isn't the first time a Muni bus has popped up on eBay. A 1984 model that once appeared in the film The Italian Job appeared on the popular auction site in 2009. Even though that bus was a bona fine movie star, it went for a mere $2,300.

Take a look at this slideshow to give the tires a virtual kick.