09/15/2011 03:56 pm ET | Updated Nov 15, 2011

Tursiops Australis, New Dolphin Species Discovered (VIDEO)

A new dolphin species has been found off the Southern Australian coast.

The BBC points to this article in the PLoS ONE journal, which reported on DNA studies and other analysis used to show that the Tursiops Australis species is in fact a previously undiscovered dolphin.

The newly classified "Burrunan dolphin" was previously believed to be one of the known bottlenose dolphins, according to the BBC.

"This is an incredibly fascinating discovery as there have only been three new dolphin species formally described and recognized since the late 1800s," researcher Kate Charlton-Robb said, according to AFP.

Sky News Australia reports that Charlton-Robb said that more research is needed to determine whether there are more than the 150 known Burrunan dolphins in Australia.

WATCH footage of the dolphins, courtesy of The Canberra Times, supplied by Monash University: