Soleil Moon Frye, Punky Brewster, Talks "Happy Chaos" And Parenting

09/15/2011 05:37 pm ET | Updated Nov 15, 2011

You might remember her as Punky Brewster, the feisty, energetic kid who won America's heart in the 80s. Now, she's grown up and a mother of two, ages 3 and 6, but Soleil Moon Frye says she and the beloved television character are alike in many ways.

As a kid, she always imagined the parent she'd be, but admits that's not the mom she's become. Being a perfect parent isn't realistic; "I'm just me," she says. Her new book, "Happy Chaos," represents a family truly operating at it's best in those chaotic moments: the messy house, the skinned knees, the sprinkles on the floor.

As Punky puts it: "The most magical moments happen in the most perfect imperfect moments."

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