09/15/2011 06:42 pm ET Updated Nov 15, 2011

The Best Fall Movies: What Movie Do You Think Most Says Fall? (PHOTOS)

It happens every year: A crisp breeze floats in as if by mistake; you're holding onto summer by your flip flops but, suddenly, you're longing for a herringbone blazer and a cup of earl grey.

Fall has arrived.

Soon the trees will be awash in orange and red and you will be reminded that you do have good hair. Fall is a favorite for all the expected reasons, but--don't forget--it's also the time of fall movies.

So just to get you in the mood for all that's autumnal, we've compiled a list of the movies that make us want to curl up in a snuggly sweater, read a good book, fall in love and eat a whole lot of squash.