Joy Behar: People Say Republican Women Are 'Hos' (VIDEO)

09/15/2011 05:44 pm ET | Updated Nov 15, 2011

The ladies of "The View" discussed the scandalous allegations against Sarah Palin in the new, unauthorized biography "The Rogue."

The book claims that Sarah Palin snorted cocaine, had an affair with her husband's business partner and had a one-night stand with basketball player Glen Rice as a sports reporter for the local TV station.

When Whoopi Goldberg asked the cohort what they made of the controversial allegations, Sherri Shepherd said that she had a hard time picturing "the hardcore conservative Republican" with "a baller from Michigan." She said, "It's one thing to picture, you know, like if it was a Meryl Streep with a Denzel -- they have stuff in common."

Elizabeth Hasselbeck said, "You know what they say about Republican women."

"They're a bunch of hos?" Joy Behar joked, referring to the claims about Palin.

Whoopi Goldberg joked, "No, that's what they say about us."

"That's true," Behar jokingly admitted. "But we know that Democratic women are hos."

All in all, the cohort did not defend or attack Palin, noting that she could sue the publisher if she wanted to. But Sherri Shepherd seemed to think at least one of the rumors was true. "I think she got with Glen Rice," she said. "I think she, you know, got down with the swirl."



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