09/16/2011 05:06 pm ET Updated Nov 16, 2011

HLN Asks: 'Is Marriage For White People?' (PHOTO, VIDEO)

People tuning into HLN at, say 4:16 ET on Friday may have been startled by the headline they saw: "IS MARRIAGE FOR WHITE PEOPLE?"

It seemed like a completely random, even slightly incendiary way to frame a segment. But the network was just the latest to ponder the questions raised by a new book called — you guessed it — "Is Marriage For White People?"

The book, by Stanford professor Ralph Richard Banks, recommends that black women, in the book's words, "would benefit both themselves and the black race if they crossed class lines less and race lines more." The book has stirred up a whole boatload of debate on sites across the Internet.

For its part, HLN was speaking to a married couple about the book.

Below, see a picture of the headline, and watch an interview with Banks on CNN.