09/16/2011 01:53 pm ET | Updated Nov 16, 2011

Justin Bieber Receives Sidewalk Star In Hometown (PHOTOS)

Before Justin Bieber was arguably the most famous 17-year-old on the planet, he would park himself on the sidewalk in his hometown and sing for anyone who would listen. Now, millions of dollars and sold out arenas later, Bieber is receiving a star on the sidewalk in the exact spot where he made his first fans.

"Woke up 2day and got an email of this star in front of the place i used to busk in my hometown. #DREAMBIG. and thank u," Bieber tweeted along with a photo of the star.

Bieber's dream big motto definitely won't go by unnoticed as fans can now flock to the place where it all started -- with just a single guitar and a golden voice.

"Cant help but smile. thank u to everyone who ever cared. very grateful. anything is possible. #neversaynever," he continued to tweet.

Watch Bieber singing as a kid in that very spot: