09/16/2011 01:56 pm ET | Updated Nov 16, 2011

Southern Lights From Space Station: Astronaut Tweets Amazing Picture Of Aurora Australis (PHOTO)

Now here's a rare 220 mile-above earth view of the aurora australis, the southern hemisphere's counterpart to the northern lights.

Astronaut Ron Garan tweeted this amazing photo of the southern lights from aboard the International Space Station on Wednesday, one of the last images he sent before he returned to earth on Friday.


In the photo, the constellation Orion is visible in the left corner of the image. Garan tweeted:

@ Astro_Ron : One of the last pictures I took #FromSpace #Aurora - southern lights - dancing with #Orion 9/14/11 18:48 GMT

Garan and two of his colleagues, Alexander Samokutyayev and Andrei Borisenko, Russian cosmonauts, landed safely Friday in Kazakhstan. Three astronauts currently remain on the International Space Station.

Garan, a prolific space tweeter, last month took a stunning photo of a shooting star from the ISS.

Love the aurora? Click here for another amazing -- albeit more terrestrial -- photo of the phenomenon.

LOOK: The southern lights, as seen from the International Space Station: