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Michele Bachmann Targeted By California Gay Rights Activists With Madonna Flash Mob Dance Routine

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Gay rights activists protested Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's appearance at the California Republican Party convention Friday by staging a flash mob-style dance routine.

The soundtrack, Madonna's "Like a Prayer," was meant to call attention to the Minnesota congresswoman's anti-gay rhetoric and the controversial therapy methods reportedly practiced at the Christian counseling clinic she and her husband own, according to the Courage Campaign.

"Politicians like Rep. Bachmann need to understand that you can't simply "pray the gay away," the group stated in a release.

Bachmann was also pressed about her views on homosexuality during an appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno Friday.

"That whole 'pray the gay away' thing, I don't get it," Leno said.

Bachmann tried to deflect Leno's question with a joke, pointing to her hair and saying, “When I heard that I really thought it was like kind of a mid-life crisis line, like, 'Pray away the gray.'"

The joke fell flat.

"It sounds like, if two gay people want to get married, that's their business, that doesn't concern us,” Leno continued. "Why is that even an issue?"

"I know gay families that are married, they have children. And they're wonderful people. It doesn't seem like they shouldn't be allowed to be happy,” Leno said. “But I'm not going to change your mind on that one.”

This isn't the first time gay rights activists have targeted Bachmann.

In June, Rachel E. B. Lang attempted to throw glitter on the congresswoman as she left the stage at the conservative RightOnline conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“Glittering” has been a popular stunt among gay rights activists. Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty have also been glitter-bombed.

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