09/19/2011 06:23 pm ET | Updated Nov 19, 2011

BART Protests Continue, GM Grace Crunican Asks For Conversation

After one week on the job, BART’s new general manager Grace Crunican is taking a fresh approach to the ongoing BART protest: talking to the people.

According to SFGate, Crunican has reached out to the ACLU and other interest groups to create an open platform for discussion. And she says that she will listen to anyone who wants to talk, including the protesters.

“I’m open to meeting with anyone who wants to meet with me -- protesters included,” said Crunican to SFGate. She continued, saying that the demonstrators “have a right to protest -- and we understand that -- as long as customers can keep coming and going and service can be provided.”

During most of the recent protests, demonstrators gathered outside of the fare gates, and did not interfere with service. However, demonstrators blocked the gates at last week’s protest, sparking the arrest of dozens of protesters and several members of the media. And with reports that the protesters plan to descend the stairs to the platform and board the trains during Monday night’s demonstration, Crunican might find less cooperation than she hopes for.

Monday night’s protest will mark the eighth since the July 3 shooting of Charles Hill.

Crunican was appointed as BART general manager on August 31, and has entered a firestorm messy enough to make even a seasoned veteran throw in the towel.