09/19/2011 01:28 pm ET | Updated Nov 19, 2011

Lou Reed And Metallica Release Preview Of 'The View' (AUDIO)

In one of the so-strange-it-just-might-work instances of worlds colliding, Lou Reed and Metallica are collaborating on an album titled Lulu, appropriately set for release on Halloween in the EU, and Nov. 1 stateside.

On Sunday, the duo released a 30-second preview of the second track off the album, "The View." This gives us some sense of how the two very different rockers will mesh their styles, and it kind of works, in a spoken-word sort of way. Lou Reed starts "the best thing he ever did" off lazily, speaking matter-of-factly over the heavy, dragging Metallica riffs. As the beat quickens, James Hetfield swoops in to take it to rock-out level. But then the preview ends, and we're back where we started.


Full tracklist for Lulu:

1. Brandenburg Gate
2. The View
3. Pumping Blood
4. Mistress Dread
5. Iced Honey
6. Cheat On Me
7. Frustration
8. Little Dog
9. Dragon
10. Junior Dad