#OccupyWallStreet Protesters March, Campout To Protest Big Banks, Corporations (SLIDESHOW)

09/19/2011 02:25 pm ET | Updated Nov 19, 2011

Nearly a thousand anti-corporation demonstrators gathered on Wall Street this weekend for the #OccupyWallStreet protests. Modeled after recent demonstrations in the Middle East, organizers hope to create an American "Tahrir moment" and drastically change the United States' financial system, which they say unfairly benefits corporations and the rich, hurts the poor, and undermines democracy.

Starting on Saturday, some protesters brought tents and sleeping bags to the rally and said they won't leave until their voices are heard. The New York Times reports that as of early Monday afternoon, the NYPD had arrested at least 6 protesters.

Videos and photos from the rally below.

#OccupyWallStreet Protest
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