09/19/2011 06:24 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2011

Peanut Butter And Jelly Romance Video Reveals Long-Hidden Courtship

The peanut butter and jelly is a virtually perfect sandwich, especially on thin, perfectly toasted wheat bread, with raspberry jam and crunchy peanut butter. Anyone who regularly eats them has surely pondered the identity of the Universal Genius who first combined the two spreads between slices of bread. Some, no doubt, have been so consumed by the desire to know the identity of said Universal Genius, that they have actually been tempted the Google the question.

If you count yourself as a member of that cohort, do not watch the video below. Instead, just Google it, and discover that PB&J's were probably invented in the US military during World War II. (Weird, right?)

But if you don't count yourself a member of that cohort, watch this video, a documentary from a heretofore-unseen land in which carbohydrate-based food products have sprouted limbs and walk and socialize, almost as if they were human. We at HuffPost Food hear the documentary filmmaker responsible for this rare glimpse into CarbLand was an Assistant Director of the acclaimed documentaries Cars 2, Finding Nemo and G-Force before this. Here's the groundbreaking video: