'Workaholics' List The Top 10 WORST Things About Being Super Famous (PHOTOS)

09/19/2011 12:29 pm ET | Updated May 30, 2012
  • Katla McGlynn Senior Comedy & Viral Editor, The Huffington Post

"It’s kind of weird when complete strangers yell 'Tight butt-hole' at you," Blake Anderson, one third of Comedy Central's breakout series "Workaholics" described of their newfound fame. Co-star Adam Devine backed him up:

"Yeah, you have some weird stuff yelled at you."

Thus is the life of a "Workaholic." After a hit first season, Blake, Adam and Anders Holm, along with their director Kyle Newacheck, have been crafting season two and trying to prove they're the next trio of dudes you should be paying attention to on TV. And guys? There's a lot of hard work involved.

We recently chatted with Adam and Blake, who along with Kyle and Anders are collectively known as Mail Order Comedy. We had to hear what it felt like getting picked up for their own series after doing live shows and videos on YouTube for years. Naturally, they were thrilled when their office antics online caught Comedy Central's eye, but it might not have been the guys' first choice for a show.

"We were really trying to push for a wizard rap TV show, but they just weren't after that," Blake said, which might explain a certain episode from their first season.

"In every pitch meeting we would constantly bring up us as gangsta rapping wizards," Adam said. "Comedy Central was like, 'STFU about the wizard stuff!"

One thing that would have stayed the same no matter what pilot they sold, is the guys' genuine friendship on screen. But that doesn't mean Adam, Blake and Anders are necessarily playing themselves, despite their characters bearing the same names.

"We really are different from our characters on the show," Adam explained. "And I’m actually really smart, I went to college," Blake said. "And Ders is CGI'd," Adam chimed in.

Wait, what?

Anyway, since the guys are playing what they describe as "heightened" versions of themselves, when people meet them in public, they usually expect that same level of ridiculousness and offer them drinks and drugs -- not that they're complaining about that. The boys' love of partying is a major theme of the show, so much so that it lead to them to do an episode about some of the hardest partiers out there -- Juggalos.

"They’re a unique group of people who like to party," Blake said. "The more I found out about [Insane Clown Posse] the more I was like, 'Why am I not a Juggalo? These guys GET it.'"

With the second season of "Workaholics" premiering this week, obviously sealing Anders, Adam and Blake's fates as universally recognized mega stars, we thought it was only appropriate that we hear straight from them what the HARDEST parts are about being super famous -- in Top 10 format, of course.

See what the guys said in the slideshow below and tune in to the season two premiere Tuesday, Sept 20 at 10:30 p.m. EST/9:30 CST.

'Workaholics' Top 10 Hardest Things About Being Super Famous