09/20/2011 12:19 pm ET | Updated Nov 20, 2011

Blockbuster Splits Off Popcorn Sales In Landline's Netflix Spoof (VIDEO)

Netflix may have thought that its recent spell of bad PR would be improved by splitting off its DVD delivery into an entirely new service, Qwikster. But only hours after Qwikster was announced, many scratched their head at how making a service more inconvenient at a higher price solved anything.

Only one company theoretically has anything to gain from Netflix's stumble: Blockbuster.

Landline TV quickly assembled this sketch poking fun at Netflix's surprising decision, portraying Blockbuster executives as making a similar decision by splitting off their popcorn-selling service into Plopydop "to effectively maximize its marketing potential." The video directly echos the mea culpa put out by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings on Sunday, seen below, which puzzled many with its low-grade production and awkward performances.


WATCH: Netflix's original apology.