Instagram Version 2.0: Everything You Love, Plus More

09/20/2011 09:03 pm ET | Updated Nov 20, 2011

Instagram, the popular photo filter app for the iPhone, has rolled out Version 2.0.

After about a year atop the iTunes free photography apps chart, Instagram has released its first major update to its iPhone app, including several new features it hopes will enhance the photo-filtering experience.

The biggest update is what Instagram calls "Live Filters," which allows the user to see how the picture would look with its filter on while the photo is being taken. Other updates include four new filters, a much faster "tilt shift" feature that allows the user to focus on a specific area of the photo and blur out the rest and a hugely increased photo size, from 612x612 to 1936x1936. Pretty big leaps for a company that is just one year old and has only six full-time employees.

As of September 2011 Instagram had over 10 million users. In August, TechCrunch reported that over 150 million photos had been taken using the app (80 percent of these photos were captured using the app's filter features).

For now there is no Instagram app for Android yet, though Instagram's CEO confirmed at the end of August that one was coming some time soon.


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