09/20/2011 12:31 pm ET | Updated Nov 20, 2011

'Shame' Clip Featuring Michael Fassbender And James Badge Dale (VIDEO)

UPDATE: The Weinstein Company removed the longer clip, but if you're feinding for "Shame" in any form, check out the older video we've added to the bottom of the post ("Shame" scene starts at 2:30)

The sexy sex movie that will haunt your dreams has a new clip out, in which Michael Fassbender's character joins his fast-talking boss (played with a Sheenesque energy by "The Pacific"s James Badge Dale) at the kind of bar where handsome successful men pick up beautiful successful ladies. Despite the artistic license of the setting, the clip promises some healthy naturalism and fleshed-out characters: a weird doomy feeling behind Dale's hyperactivity and Fassbender's bemusement that kicks up with the eerie Blondie song "Rapture." It's pretty much what we'd expect from the second coming of British director Steve McQueen and Fassbender, merciless realists that they are, but there you go. Proof.

WATCH James Badge Dale badger(dale) some ladies:

WATCH a shorter clip from "Shame" (starts at 2:30):