Delta Passenger Accused Of Threatening Seatmate

09/21/2011 12:58 am ET | Updated Nov 21, 2011

A 60-year-old Salt Lake City man faces federal felony charges after authorities say he threatened a seatmate on a Las Vegas-bound flight, the Associated Press reports.

The Deseret News reports that David Alan Anderson was charged Tuesday with having a dangerous weapon on an aircraft and retaliation against a federal law enforcement officer by threat of murder.

Shortly after he sat down on the Las Vegas-bound Delta flight on Sunday, Anderson elbowed his seatmate to "claim" the armrest. He then put his foot on the passenger's leg. The passenger then told Anderson to move over.

The complaint says Anderson threatened the passenger saying, "If I have a knife, I would slit your throat." The seatmate reportedly told flight attendants that Anderson reached into his bag a few times with something cupped in his hand.

The complaint says responding officers found a knife in Anderson's bag. After his arrest, the complaint says, he threatened police and FBI agents, the Associated Press reports.

Once Anderson reached the police station, he started threatening police and FBI agents with various interesting phrases such as:"Your days are not long," "It's a shotgun in the chest," "I'll pull your eyeballs out," and "It will give me a lot of pleasure to see you again, but you won't see me, bucko."