09/21/2011 10:08 am ET | Updated Nov 21, 2011

'The Daily Show' Celebrates 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Repeal, Emmy Wins (VIDEO)

"The Daily Show" returned Tuesday after taking home a few Emmys Sunday night, and kicked things off with a look at the military after the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell."

The policy that prevented openly gay individuals from enlisting in the military came to an end at midnight on Tuesday, allowing new gay soldiers to enlist as well as those who were kicked out to re-enlist. Jon Stewart was happy about the repeal but couldn't help but notice how anticlimactic the justice felt:

"That's how ridiculous this policy was. The apology for the affront is, 'All right, sorry! You can go to Afghanistan and fight for your country!'"

To see get an idea of how the armed forces will be changed by the repeal, Stewart turned to correspondent Jason Jones reporting "live" from Afghanistan in his most revealing camo (while listening to Cher, of course). In his highly entertaining segment below he points out how absurd it is that gays are just now being allowed in the military (After all, it was the military that invented "Gaydar").

Watch the second segment below to hear Stewart reflect on how the military got to banning gays in the first place, and how profound it really is that DADT is finally gone. Oh, and watch out for an interruption from the show's most recent Emmy!

WATCH: Part one

WATCH: Part two

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