09/21/2011 07:12 am ET | Updated Nov 21, 2011

'Modern Family': Sofia Vergara Sings In Season Three Premiere (VIDEO)

A few nights after basking in Emmy glory, "Modern Family" is getting back to doing what it does best: embarrassing the heck out of its stars.

The ABC comedy, which swept the five categories in which it was nominated and took home the award Outstanding Comedy Series, makes its season three premiere Wednesday night. The extended family finds itself on the road, visiting a dude ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Sitting around a campfire, they become steeped in revelry, and, of all people, Gloria (played by Sofia Vergara) finds herself diving headfirst into the old singalong tradition.

Needless to say, she doesn't have much in common, vocally, with her Colombian countrywoman Shakira.

The embarrassment comes naturally to Vergara, who recently told The Advocate that she's happy to play the clown.

"I don't want to be serious. I'm not hoping to go read for a part in a serious movie, because I know the roles that I can play: They're funny, and I love it," she said. "And I have no training in acting. I always knew I was funny, because I was the class clown, my family laughed at me, and I loved being ridiculous, but I never thought I'd make money out of being funny either. With my crazy accent, I'm so blessed that I even got a part like in 'Modern Family.'"

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