Bryan Stow Speaks For First Time: Beaten Giants Fan Asks To See His Children

09/22/2011 03:05 pm ET | Updated Nov 22, 2011

On Wednesday, the family of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow celebrated tearfully when Stow spoke to his family and asked to see his children, with the help of a speaking valve.

Stow has been hospitalized since suffering a severe beating outside of the Dodger Stadium at a Giants-Dodgers game on March 31. He suffered severe injuries to the brain and skull, and was placed in an induced coma after the incident. His progress has been an emotional rollercoaster since.

But Wednesday's events have inspired new hope for Stow's family members, who once said that he was "basically gone." In a statement, his family members said they were "blown away" by the progress.

"Literally one day we got some facial responses and the next, he's talking," they said.

According to a post on the family's website,, Stow was able to accurately state his first and last names, the names of his children and his birthdate when asked by a speech therapist. He told his sister, Erin, that he loved her, and said "I would like to see them," when presented photos of his children.

"His voice is gravelly and you have to be close to hear him, but he is talking," said his family. "Right now, Bryan is more awake and more responsive than ever."

Watch the video above from one month after the incident to see just how far Stow has progressed.

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