Chris Evans: Gucci Ad Was 'Easiest Paycheck' Ever

09/22/2011 08:42 am ET | Updated Nov 22, 2011

There are plenty of celebrities who get paid to appear in fashion ads, from Emily Blunt's new Yves Saint Laurent gig to Scarlett Johansson's partnership with Dolce & Gabbana (for which, reports Women's Wear Daily today, she will appear at their runway show on Sunday).

But rarely do the celebs have the guts to admit why the advertising jobs are so great: the money.

Not Chris Evans. The New York Daily News reports that while partying last night at the Gucci-sponsored after-party for his new film "Puncture," Evans said that his Gucci ad campaign was the "easiest paycheck I've ever had."

Well, yeah. Evans had to show up, take his shirt off and have Evan Rachel Wood rub her face all over him. Hard life.

In case you missed when those sexy Gucci ads dropped, we have one below -- and you can also see Evans getting cozy with another leading lady, Anna Faris in next weekend's "What's Your Number?" as well as see the busy actor in "Puncture," out this weekend, "Captain America" from this summer and "The Avengers" next summer.

With all that work, we imagine Evans will be wanting a more easily-earned paycheck sometime soon. Another Gucci ad, perhaps?

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