Dominick Harvey, Burglar Who Photographed Himself On Stolen Laptop, Arrested: Cops

09/22/2011 03:01 pm ET | Updated Nov 22, 2011

A Berwyn, Illinois man who allegedly took a photograph of himself on a laptop he stole and then later sold was arrested Wednesday.

Dominick Harvey, 43, was identified "15 minutes after his photo was made public" in late August, according to Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel. According to the Chicago Tribune, Harvey was not, however, tracked down until several weeks later because he tried to avoid the authorities. He gave a full confession to police and was charged with two counts of residential burglary -- an offense for which he was already on parole.

Residents of a Riverside home reported that they were robbed of property including an Apple Macbook Pro after an intruder shattered a window and broke into their home on Aug. 22. When police recovered the laptop in question from a Cicero electronics store on Cermak Road, they discovered the partial, shirtless photo of their suspect, a shot Weitzel described as an “arrogant act of self confidence."

Harvey is currently being held in Riverside pending an investigation into other robberies he may have committed in other police jurisdictions, according to the Sun-Times.

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