Jon Stewart Talks To Rolling Stone About Running 'The Daily Show' (VIDEO)

09/22/2011 05:46 pm ET | Updated Nov 22, 2011
(Warning, some NSFW language.)

Right now, two major magazines are running extensive profiles on Jon Stewart. In one corner, Esquire's examination of what Stewart means as a cultural, and often political, figure. In the other, Rolling Stone's interview with the "Daily Show" host.

Stewart's Rolling Stone interview has already made waves, with many focusing on Stewart's iteration that "The Daily Show" and Fox News are very similar in their positioning, if not in their tactics. He also once again emphasized that he is disappointed in President Obama, expressing "surprise" in Obama's perceived lack of willingness to address the toxicity of government straight on.

Rolling Stone took advantage of their access to Stewart by shooting this funny and informative interview conducted by the magazine's executive editor Eric Bates. Bates meets with Stewart in the conference room of "The Daily Show" -- or as Stewart calls it, "the orgy room."

For nearly eight minutes, Stewart candidly discusses what it's like to run the show, which he has done since he began hosting in 1999. He explains what makes a good show ("the best shows are made of the smallest moments," such as his legendary rant against Donald Trump's pizza-eating habits), and what makes a bad show ("where we're trying to synthesize three days worth of legislative process.")

But Stewart's job is (understandably) taxing, and like anyone, he sometimes gets bogged down by the daily grind. "Some days you just don't fucking feel like it. You just don't feel like sitting in that room and gathering up the energy to make it show worthy when you would rather be at home watching SpongeBob with your children."

Read Stewart's Rolling Stone interview, which is not online in full, in the latest issue on stands now.

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