09/22/2011 03:04 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Laurie Furber's Flea Market Shopping Tips

You may have noticed that we've added the newly launched eco-friendly home design site Greenhouse Design Studio to our list of daily reads. We'll admit that we still have a lot to learn about being wholly eco- and green-friendly in our day to day, so the site has been pleasantly educational.

But all learning aside, we're impressed by Greenhouse's flea-market finds, which are all handpicked by founder Laurie Furber. "When I shop flea markets, I’m looking more for vintage pieces that show the marks of time and use, rather than true antiques," says Furber, "so my favorites are the markets that cater to that type of product." Take a look below at Furber's favorite flea markets across the country and what she looks for at each one.

Round Top Antiques Fair in Round Top, Texas.
"I love this fair because it's HUGE and diverse, so you can find anything, meet the most interesting people, and eat some pretty delicious food. I also love it because it's very close to Austin, one of my favorite towns."

Alameda Point Antiques Faire in Alameda, CA
"Alameda is great for inspiration. It's kind of expensive but the vendors are great at merchandising and have some really interesting products. I love George from Seattle who sells jewelry made of typewriter keys and locker tags, Chris and Dustin who shop Eastern Europe once a month and fill their truck up with their finds, and the guy who makes greenhouses out of vintage windows. When you go to Alameda, know what you want and what it should be worth so you don't overspend."

Ketchum Art and Antiques Show in Ketchum, ID
"Many of the things in our condo in Sun Valley came from this show. It's great for vintage furniture pieces, decorative pieces like vintage skis and quirky vintage textiles."

"The trick when you're shopping a flea market is to look for the booths that are packed with merchandise and a little messy. That's where you'll find the great deals and the gems that are overlooked by other shoppers," says Furber. "Admire the beautifully merchandised booths, but do your buying in the booths where you have to work a little harder to find the treasures." Happy hunting indeed.

To see some of Furber's wonderful finds along with tips and resources on how to make your home more eco-friendly, head on over to Greehouse Design Studio.