09/22/2011 03:17 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Lindsay Ellingson On What's Gorgeous, Cheeseburgers And Hip Hop

Charley Gallay

Victoria's Secret Angel Lindsay Ellingson is obviously gorgeous, so it's no wonder that the brand selected her to be the face of its new Gorgeous bra and fragrance. The blond stunner was blessed with big blue eyes, long limbs and abs that most men and women would kill for. But how does the model, who has walked for Lanvin and Chanel define gorgeous herself? “It’s about not trying too hard,” she says. “It’s feeling confident, really feminine and loving yourself from the inside out.”

As for what’s sexy, the 26-year-old has different stipulations for men and women.”I mean, honestly a guy in a simple t-shirt and jeans is hot to me,” she says. “For a woman, I think it is sexy when you dress in a way where you are mixing feminine and masculine, like maybe a boyfriend jean with a heel. You have to bring it down a little bit to make it feel effortless.”

Ease is a big part of Ellingson’s everyday routine. Case in point: she reveals, that she sleeps in “VS cheeky panties and boyfriend underwear” with “cheap H&M and Topshop crop tops.” She continues, “I just want to be comfortable at night, well, and sexy!”

To keep herself in fighting form, especially before a photo shoot, the Angel takes yoga and hip hop classes and subsists on a diet of green juices and protein shakes. “I don’t restrict myself at all,” she says. “I love a cheeseburger and I indulge in sweets like apple crisps and dark chocolates, so I just take a few extra classes. I’ve been dancing for 10 years, and I love Lillian C’s class at Crunch in Union Square.”

For those wondering about Ellingson’s hip hop capabilities, she admits, “I’m really tall and skinny, so doing hip hop doesn’t always look good from me.” But, that hasn’t stopped her from creating a signature move: “You just bend your knees and scoop up,” she says. “It’s really fun, my sisters and I do it all the time. It’s called the Ellingson swoop.”

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