09/22/2011 03:57 pm ET | Updated Nov 22, 2011

MTA Rejects Pamela Geller's Subway Advertisement That Calls Muslims 'Savages' (PHOTO)

Pamela Geller, New York City's most vocal Islamophobe, is having a rough week.

Not only is Palestine asking for statehood up in Midtown, but that pesky "Ground Zero Mosque" Park 51 Community Center she fought so hard to prevent from opening, held its first exhibit Wednesday night.

And as if that wasn't enough for the right-wing blogger, now the MTA won't even put up her advertisement!

Last week, in response to a subway ad calling for the end of US military support to Israel, Geller submitted this to the MTA:

Geller made the papers when she said she'd sue if the MTA refused to put up the advertisement, calling it "a free speech issue."

And now, well, the MTA's refusing to put up her advertisement.

Geller was notified of the ad's rejection Thursday and the rejection letter, which she's posted on her Atlas Shrug blog in an entry titled, "IT'S OFFICIAL: PRO-JIHAD MTA BANS PRO-ISRAEL ADS, RUNS ANTI-ISRAEL ADS", explains that Geller's ad "contains language that, in our view, does not conform with the MTA’s advertising standards regarding ads that demean an individual or group of individuals..." A call to the MTA confirms that her ad didn't pass muster.

And the MTA has a good point. As Gothamist sarcastically notes: "Yeah! Why is everyone shocked at the word "savage?" Or the phrase "war between the civilized man and the savage?" It's not as if that phrase has ever been used in history to suppress minorities or advance theories of white supremacy. Nope."

Geller, who's done this kind of thing before, is keeping her promise and is preparing to sue the MTA. She writes:

The pro-jihad MTA is refusing my ad for the word "savage." Just so you know, I will be suing, with the aid of my inestimable legal team, David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise of the Thomas More Law Center. We are what? 4-0, now? Tarazi lawsuit roundly defeated, check. Detroit/SMART Transit on "Leaving Islam" bus ad lawsuit, check. MTA on the Ground Zero Bus ads lawsuit, check. Miami Transit for "Leaving Islam" bus ads lawsuit, check.

I will say this until someone in those clueless ivory towers of the sharia-compliant MTA understands this. "Savage" is accurate. The pro-jihad MTA cannot ban the the truth, particularly in the political arena...

In the spring of 2010, as part of her "Leave Islam" campaign, Geller paid $10,000 to put this advertisement on city buses:

And in the summer of 2010, during the "Ground Zero Mosque" controversy she helped spearhead, she successfully scared the MTA into keeping up this advertisement: