The Funniest Rick Perry 'Facts' On Twitter (TWEETS)

09/22/2011 01:51 pm ET | Updated Nov 22, 2011

Long before Texas Governor Rick Perry announced his bid for the nation's highest office, it was clear the "straight-shooting" GOP presidential hopeful already had a number of presidential qualities -- over 1,700 of them if you believe Perry's unofficial biographer on Twitter.

It is this brave citizen who shares his Perry findings on Twitter under the handle @RickPerryFacts. Since 2009, the satirical Twitter account has documented everything that makes Rick Perry the 2012 election's most bad-ass candidate, from peeling potatoes with his eyelids to ghostwriting every article in Garden & Gun magazine. Forget Chuck Norris -- these are the only facts you need to know.

We've chosen some of the funniest "facts" tweeted so far below. Vote for your favorite and keep an eye on this Twitter account as the election madness continues.

Rick Perry Facts


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