'Young Man With The Big Beat': Unreleased Elvis Interviews And Photographs From 1956 (AUDIO)

09/22/2011 01:36 pm ET | Updated Nov 22, 2011

Check out this unreleased clip from a 1956 Elvis interview, sent to us in advance of Sony's "Young Man With The Big Beat" compilation of Elvis errata from 1956. By then, the 21-year-old had hits like "Heartbreak Hotel" and "Blue Suede Shoes" well under his belt, but he was still endearing himself to crowds as an innocent. This clip features some no-smoking, no-drinking talk, as well as an account of his dreams of a traditional family life for his kids, peppered with cautious "maybes":

In a lot of the mail I get, people ask questions about the kind of things I do and all that sort of stuff. Well I don’t smoke and I don’t drink, and I love to go to movies. Maybe someday I’m gonna have a home and family of my own and I’m not gonna budge from it.
I was an only child but maybe my kids won’t be. I suppose this kind of talk raises another question: am I in love? No (laughs). I thought I been in love but I guess I wasn’t. It just passed over. I guess I haven’t met the girl yet, but I will. And I hope I won’t be too long ’cause I get lonesome sometimes. I get lonesome right in the middle of a crowd. But I’ve got a feelin’ that with her – whoever she may be – I won’t be lonesome, no matter where I am.

LISTEN to the clip:

"Young Man With The Big Beat" is due out Sept. 27, and available for pre-order at elvis1956.com. Click through our slideshow below for a look at some of the unreleased Elvis photographs that'll be included with the package: