09/23/2011 10:33 am ET | Updated Nov 23, 2011

'60 Minutes': Trey Parker And Matt Stone Show How An Episode Of 'South Park' Gets Made (VIDEO)

"South Park" may have started out as the show moms wouldn't let their kids watch back in 1997, but 15 seasons and 216 episodes later, it's widely considered one of the funniest, smartest cartoons on the air, propelling its creators/directors/voice actors Trey Parker and Matt Stone to worldwide fame and recognition.

While most people who interview Parker and Stone as of late probably want to know more about their hit Broadway show, "The Book Of Mormon," "60 Minutes" is airing a segment this weekend about "South Park" in anticipation of its season premiere.

In addition to interviews with Parker and Stone, the segment will also give a behind-the-scenes look at how a "South Park" episode is created. The promo below gives us a taste of the six-day writing, animating and recording process that Stone, Parker and company have perfected over the last 15 years.

UPDATE: You can watch the full segment here.