Jenn Brown 'Bitch' Jones Gaffe: ESPN Sideline Reporter Flubs Cincinnati Coach Butch Jones' Name (VIDEO)

09/23/2011 11:48 am ET | Updated Nov 23, 2011

During Thursday night's college football game between Cincinnati and N.C. State, ESPN sideline reporter Jenn Brown slipped up while trying to say the name of Bearcats head coach Butch Jones. At the beginning of report, Brown flubbed the name and instead uttered an obscenity on live national TV before quickly correcting herself. What obscenity did she say? We'll give you a hint: the first name of Cincinnati's head coach is Butch.

Such is the danger of live TV.

A similar incident happened recently on Monday Night Football, when ESPN broadcaster Ron Jaworski slipped up and said "shit" on the air.

While Brown's moment was embarrassing, we're sure coach Butch Jones was in a forgiving mood as his team romped to a dominating 44-14 victory over the Wolfpack. Whether Jenn Brown, or her employers in Bristol, is over the incident, we're not so sure.


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