09/23/2011 11:14 am ET Updated Nov 23, 2011

Kele Okereke, 'What Did I Do' (VIDEO)

Kele Okereke may be worried about job security these days, but the could-be-fired Bloc Party frontman isn't letting that stop him from releasing pleading dance jams with possibly hidden messages. It's hard not to read meaning into the opening track off his upcoming Nov. 7 solo EP Hunter, which basically repeats its title line over and over again: "What did I do?"

Yes, Bloc Party. What did Kele Okereke do that you needed to ignore his sad little "Hey," as you practiced without him? (Seriously, that's weird! If my band did that, I'd totally be singing "What did I do?" too, and probably, "Please tell me, I promise I can do better next time.") Hunter seems like the perfect forum for Okereke to step it up and throw out some totally jealous-making stuff. And... it's possible that's what we've got here. There's some catchy dub-stepping in "What Did I Do," though it occasionally veers into Charlotte Russe background music territory. This is neither bad nor good, just means it has the potential to make you feel sexy while trying on a poly-blend dress.

Check out the video for the track and the full Hunter track-list below:

01 What Did I Do feat. Lucy Taylor

02 Release Me

03 Devotion

04 Goodbye Horses

05 Cable’s Goodbye

06 Love As a Weapon

07 You Belong To Someone Else

(via Prefix)

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