09/24/2011 11:26 am ET | Updated Nov 24, 2011

The Funniest Someecards Of The Week (PICTURES)

What a crazy week! Between the long-awaited death of Don't Ask Don't Tell, major overhauls by both Facebook and Netflix, the roast of Charlie Sheen, the breakup of R.E.M. and a number gaffes by celebs and politicians alike, we wouldn't blame you if your head was spinning by the end of this week.

And as you would expect in the digital age, there's a Someecard for every pretty much all of it. We picked our favorite Someecards from the past week for you to send and keep your flustered friends grounded with some laughs. Don't forget to vote for your favorite, and if you can't find what you're looking for, check out the rest on

Funniest Sommecards Of The Week