09/25/2011 02:30 pm ET | Updated Nov 25, 2011

Victor Cruz Touchdown: Eagles FS Kurt Coleman Can't Tackle Giants WR (VIDEO)

In its 2011 NFL preview issue, Sports Illustrated published an article by Tim Layden entitled "What Ever Happened To Tackling?" Based on his play in the first quarter of the Giants-Eagles game in Week 3, Philadelphia safety Kurt Coleman did not read that article.

After Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz made a first down catch along the sideline, Coleman came in for the tackle. Leading with his shoulder and helmet, with his arms trailing his upper body, Coleman launched himself into Cruz but didn't wrap him up. Cruz was knocked back a step but kept his feet under him as Coleman's own momentum carried him away from the play.

Cruz broke upfield at a sprint but soon slowed up as cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha approached. But before Asomugha could apply a Pop Warner–approved form tackle, Coleman comes rushing back into the picture. He collides with Aso, leaving Cruz free to dash up the sideline for the 74-yard touchdown.

Coleman's tackling was so poor that it actually made oft-mocked FOX sideline reporter Tony Siragusa sound like the voice of reason.

"It's not like he was stopping him from getting the first down. He had the first down already," Siragusa told viewers. "Just solidify the tackle. stop there. go to the next play. You can't tackle high like that either. If you're going to tackle, tackle around the legs and stop the man."