09/26/2011 05:59 pm ET | Updated Nov 26, 2011

Antoine Dodson Arrested For Missing Court Appearance, Being Too Loud

Internet star Antoine Dodson apparently landed himself back in jail this weekend, this time for being too loud.

Sort of.

Dodson, of "Hide yo' wife" fame found himself being hauled in on Sunday after police discovered an outstanding warrant for his arrest, stemming from his arrest for marijuana possession back in April. This time, according to TMZ, Dodson was stopped in Huntsville, AL for blasting his music loud enough to violate a local noise ordinance at 6:20 p.m.

As it turns out, Dodson allegedly never showed up for a court date regarding the previous incident, so when police ran his name, they were forced to bring him in to the local station. According to The Wrap, police had planned to let him off with a warning, but couldn't let him go after they discovered the charge.

The Wrap also reported that Dodson was released on bail Sunday.

Dodson was arrested in April for misdemeanor marijuana possession, along with a number of other charges including speeding. Ironically, one of the charges the internet sensation was booked for in April involved "failing to show up to court for a previous traffic violation."

In case you somehow haven't seen it, here's the now infamous "Bed Intruder":