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President Barack Obama's Los Angeles Visit: How To Avoid The Gridlock (LIVE UPDATES)

President Barack Obama breezed into California yesterday for some high-profile fundraisers (with Lady Gaga!) in Silicon Valley, and today he's expected to land in Los Angeles at 4:40pm for more of the same.

Scroll down to see President Obama's Southern California itinerary.

After a lunch in San Diego, the President will be rolling deep into the heart of West Hollywood, where he's attending two fundraisers less than one mile away from each other. First he'll hit up the iconic House Of Blues on Sunset with singer B.o.B. and the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles (and since tickets started at $250, this event is sold out). It's followed by a $17,900/plate dinner at Fig & Olive on Melrose Place (surprisingly, tickets are still up for grabs if you have some pocket change lying around).

The streets highlighted in red will be restricted or closed from Monday afternoon until late Monday evening -- approximately 2-11p.m. The map is compiled with information from the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department. Story continues below.

Liveblog will be updated throughout the day with news about President Obama's Southern California swing. Check back frequently for updates! Story continues below.

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Good Night!

That's all she wrote, folks. This concludes our liveblog of Obama's swing through Southern California. Be sure to check back in with us tomorrow morning for more traffic updates.

For now, we leave you with this heartwarming photo of the President and Jesse Tyler Ferguson on stage at the House of Blues.

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09/26/2011 10:12 PM EDT

More Protestors Await

A photo of protestors waiting near Fig & Olive via @AnthonyPazos


09/26/2011 10:09 PM EDT


@ jayhutcherson : Leaving the House of Blues to join entertainment industry friends at the Fig and Olive for dining with Pres.Obama, where he will be speaking

09/26/2011 9:58 PM EDT

There's Always At Least One Of These...

@ KWWLElections : Heckler interrupts Obama fundraiser: A heckler shouting about Jesus Christ interrupted President Barack Obama at...

09/26/2011 9:48 PM EDT

President Wrapping Up At The House Of Blues

Live video from KTLA showed the President wrapping up his speech and signing some autographs before exiting the stage. En route to Fig & Olive!

09/26/2011 9:45 PM EDT

Twitter Griping About The Traffic

Complaining about Los Angeles traffic is like a badge of honor for Angelenos -- and Presidential traffic jams are all the more prestigious.

@ kdaubert1 : Hey LA!!! President @BarackObama is in town. Avoid all freeways. Traffic is BANANAS!!!
@ malki : Our pal @BarackObama will now show solidarity with workers by making half of LA sit in extra traffic due to road closures for his visit
@ MissLeslieG : Obama you had me at hello, but the traffic nightmare your visit causes LA is for the birds. #takeahelicopter

09/26/2011 9:20 PM EDT

Fig & Olive For Dinner

A lot of Angelenos are passionate about the fact that the President will be dining at the newish Euro/East Coast scene Fig & Olive. Do you think he'll partake in the complimentary olive oil tasting?

Photo by the Huffington Post. 2011-09-27-slide_17954_248723_large.jpg
@ karlhess : $18,000-a-plate dinner at Fig and Olive? Obama needs to cool it and get some al pastor.
@ IsabelWilkinson : Boggles my mind that Obama is eating @ flashy Euro joint Fig & Olive tonight, where they play random fashion shows on flatscreen TVs.
@ lindaconstant : Wonder if @BarackObama will enjoy the crostinis & salmon at Fig + Olive as much as I did on Sat night! Had many great dinners there lately

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Protestors Outside The House Of Blues

Protesting war, class warfare, and perhaps not being able to get into The House of Blues.


I think I see West Hollywood Jesus in there!


09/26/2011 8:25 PM EDT

On His Way To The House Of Blues!

@ bloodyeyeballs : President Obama Motorcade Passing Sunset Blvd in Brentwood, Los Angeles, a few minutes ago. #traffic

Hopefully this means West Sunset Boulevard was opened at 5:15pm, as planned.

09/26/2011 8:04 PM EDT

Air Force One In The Air Again

The Los Angeles Times reports that the President just left San Diego and he's on his way to LAX for what will be a very short flight.

Story continues.

This is President Obama's seventh visit to the Golden State since being sworn into office, and SF Gate notes that he's in search of "fundraising gold mines" in Silicon Valley and Hollywood. In the past, the President's visits to Los Angeles have been characterized by massive gridlock and inconvenience for commuters, but a few things are different about today's trip. Firstly, last summer's Carmageddon showed that Angelenos are capable of planning ahead, taking alternate routes or simply staying home; maybe we'll do so again today. Secondly, gay Americans across the nation recently celebrated the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell -- and we're guessing he'll be warmly welcomed in West Hollywood.

President Barack Obama's Schedule: Monday, September 26th, 2011 :

What: A lunch in San Diego
Hosts: Elizabeth and Mason Phelps
Where: The Phelps Home in La Jolla, California
When: 1pm
Who: 160 attendees total
Price: $5,000 per person or $25,000 in raised donations gets a General Admission ticket, $10,000 per person or $50,000 in raised donations gets a photo with the President, and $35,800 per couple or $100,000 in raised donations lands you an "event co-chair" title.

What: Obama Victory Fund 2012 Concert
Host: Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson of ABC's 'Modern Family,' featuring performances by B.o.B., Adam 12 and the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles
Where: House of Blues, 8430 West Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069
When: 4:30pm
Who: 1,200- 1,500 people are expected.
Price: Starts at $250 per person and goes up to $10,000 per person. People that pay either $10,000 per person or raise $50,000 get a VIP designation and a photo with the President.

What: Obama Victory Fund 2012 Dinner & Discussion
Host: N/A
Where: Fig & Olive Melrose Place, 8490 Melrose Place, West Hollywood, CA 90069
When: 6pm
Who: 100 people expected
Price: $35,800 per couple or $17,900 per person. If you give enough for one half-table (five people) at $89,500, you get one extra seat and a co-host designation. If you give enough for one table (five couples) at $179,000, you get an extra two dinner seats an an event co-chair designation.

Watch Obama discuss his jobs bill in his weekly address: