09/26/2011 02:01 pm ET | Updated Nov 26, 2011

Bears Dumpster Diving At Mount Ivy Diner

There's "bearly" anything this family won't eat, as long as it's in this diner's dumpster.

The trash at the Mount Ivy Diner in Pomona, N.Y. has attracted a family of black bears who have been stuffing themselves behind the upstate restaurant, according to the Journal News.

“They’re coming for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” owner Achilles Ligeras told 1010 Wins. “I think they appreciate the fine food leftovers and I think that’s why we have them coming.”

Ligeras called police after the bears had been eating there for several weeks, according to the AP.

The sirens scared the bears off and Ligeras said he bears no ill will toward the dumpster divers. He just wants his customers to be cautious.

"I told everyone to be extremely careful," he told the Journal News. "I know they can be dangerous, especially the mother."

Bears have never been shy about digging through trash for their next meal. In New Mexico, drought has diminished bears' food supply and they've frequently been spotted rummaging through refuse for sustenance.

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