09/26/2011 12:59 pm ET | Updated Nov 26, 2011

Bloomberg Praises Chris Christie's Potential Run For President

After voicing concern over the current Republican landscape of 2012 presidential hopefuls on Sunday, Mayor Bloomberg surprised many by showing support for someone who's not running for president -- New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Although the Mayor, an independent, says that President Obama still has a good chance at reelection, Bloomberg places his bet on Christie to rise above the GOP's less-than-stellar current candidates.

According to The Post, Mayor Bloomberg said:

He’s been a good governor in New Jersey. He’s shaken things up in a state that’s had problems that have gone on and on and on...I think he would be a credible, formidable candidate.

That's good news for Governor Christie, who is currently making appearances on a three-state campaign tour, which includes the Missouri Republican Party's annual dinner on Monday, the state's largest fundraiser of the year.

Christie has repeatedly denied a 2012 run. Even as recently as last Thursday Christie told Rider University students that although he appreciated all the wonderful things people have been saying to him, he was not interested. However, some are reporting that the reluctant New Jersey Governor could announce a change in tune as early as this week.

Whether or not Christie actually runs, at least we know that Bloomberg holds no grudges after Christie called him a "putz" over his handling of the September 11th ceremony.