Easy Dinner Recipes To Make With Roast Chicken (PHOTOS)

11/02/2011 11:21 am ET | Updated Mar 07, 2013
James Ransom/Food52

Dinner doesn't always have to be an elaborate affair. Even if we want it to be, a lot of times there just isn't time for that kind of thorough cooking. But dinner still has to be eaten every night, and that's where easy dinner recipes that use store-bought roast chicken become life savers. Store-bought roast chicken is the secret ingredient in our kitchens.

When you use store-bought roast chicken, you can skip the step of cooking your own chicken in many recipes. This can save you 20-30 minutes, if not more. And, you're still getting a freshly-made bird. In the recipes below, just use your store-bought roast chicken whenever chicken is called for, and enjoy how stress-free dinner has become.

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Roast Chicken Recipes

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