09/27/2011 09:22 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Find Out What Your Color Choice Says About You

Our decorating color choices for the home are without a doubt highly personal decisions, and we often choose colors that speak to us and our personalities. And as it turns out there’s a bit of science behind color-personality correlations, and there’s evidence to give this some thought according to Angela Wright’s Color Affects System, a psychological theory that links color choices to personality types.

We consulted with color expert Kate Smith of Sensational Color to get more insight on the subject. “When it comes to our home, our color choices usually reflect how we see ourselves and how we want the world to see us. Interior color selections can also reflect how we want to feel -- calm, comforted, upbeat, etc,” explains Smith.

Scroll down to find out what specific colors (supposedly) match with what personality type, and find out what it says about you.

Colors: Red, yellow
Personality: Extroverted
What it says about you: If you love red and yellow accents, you are outgoing and impulsive. You hate sitting around twiddling your thumbs.
Make it work: Use accents like pillows, rugs, and art frames to make sure that a room matches your high-energy level. Carrying a red or yellow notebook can also help with that.

Colors: Blue, purple
Personality: Introverted
What it says about you: Cool, calm and collected. You are not necessarily the life of the party, but your witty one-liners are always unforgettable.
Make it work: Blue and purple and their range of shades from navy to lavender is are the best colors to incorporate into a room using throw and ceramics. But don’t be afraid to break out of that decorating shell sometime and match blue and purple them with other colors like red and yellow.

Colors: Orange, green
Personality: Stubborn
What it says about you: Intense and strong, you are proud of your opinions and you are always ready to defend them. But keep an eye on the time, even Susan B. Anthony stepped off her soapbox during a family meal.
Make it work: Both orange and green can be used to add drama (and a strong sense of personality) to any room with strong design statements such as turquoise glass tiles, painted walls, and fabrics. You are proud of your ideas, but just make sure to not make the room too loud to live in. , you are complex, perceptive, and goal-oriented. But remember to stop and look around sometimes.

Colors: Black, Pink
Personality: Attention-loving
What it says about you: Respected and charismatic. Whether quietly or loudly, your presence commands notice in a room. and modern.
How to make it work for you: While seemingly opposites, black and pink can pair nicely together. However, use with care since too much of either color can mean you’re forgoing comfort in your own home. Try finding unexpected ways to introduce the color into your home, like hints of pink on tableware or painting one wall completely black.