Jone Samuelsen Goal: Norwegian League Player Scores Header From His Own Half (VIDEO)

09/26/2011 01:38 pm ET | Updated Nov 26, 2011

Forgive the awful pun, but talk about using your head.

During a Norwegian league match between Odd Grenland and Tromso IL on Sunday, Jone Samuelsen managed to notch a goal for Grenland by heading a ball into the net -- from his own half.

The goal, which was both bizarre and remarkable, was made possible via a well-timed ricochet and a poorly positioned goalkeeper who was pushing up in an attempt to help IL even up the match in the closing moments.

According to The Guardian, this is "believed to be the longest-range headed goal ever."

The turn of events that occurs in the video may be what makes the goal so amazing. Only fourteen seconds after Tromso IL had a pretty good chance to tie up the game off of a corner kick, Samuelsen's header went in their net to put his side up 3-1.

Grenland would win the match and Samuelsen most definitely garnered some headlines for his play.



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