Katie Couric's New Dog (VIDEO)

09/26/2011 04:53 pm ET | Updated Nov 26, 2011

Katie Couric has a new addition to the family and it's a... dog!

She made the big announcement via Twitter last Wednesday, writing, "Look who joined my family this week! We are still deciding on a name, any thoughts?"

After getting flooded with name suggestions, she announced the final decision via video on Monday: Cooper.

She thanked everyone who weighed in, joking, "I loved a lot of them -- Bandit and Studly and especially Humphrey because even though he's only thee months, he's pretty frisky already if you know what I mean." She herself liked the name "Mr. Big," a nod to Carrie and Mr. Big of "Sex and the City," because her daughter Carrie is taking care of the three-month old puppy.

Couric reported, "He's doing well, but not always using the wee wee pad, but he's working on that."

The former news anchor, who already has one dog named Maisy and is busy working on her own talk show for next fall, is obviously excited about the newest member of her family. She nodded to the pup in her daily 'word of the day' tweet, writing, "Many people feel a nexus with their pets that is as strong as with their human family you? #WOTD"


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