09/27/2011 02:27 am ET Updated Nov 26, 2011

Norwegian School of Economics Collaborates With Street Artists To Discuss Capitalism (VIDEO)

Looking to break down the barriers between the worlds of elite academia and community-based art, the NHH Norwegian School of Economics asked five street artists to participate in a mural project. The collaboration, conceived in honor of the forthcoming Nuart festival, saw the white walls of the school painted over by the likes of Escif, M-City, EINE, Hyuro and Dolk in an effort to initiate discussion about capitalism. The artists painted 9 different murals all centered around the artists' interpretation of economics, markets and regulation. On September 6, after the murals were completed, the artists participated in a forum and debated the pro's and con's of capitalism with the school's leading economists.

The Nuart festival, based in Stavanger, Norway, was started in 2001 as a means of bringing urban and street art to the masses and create a constantly evolving environment that melds art with city life. The city's interiors and exteriors will become an artist's playground, showcasing a variety of street art projects, workshops, and talks with several leading artists within the scene. The Nuart festival runs until November 1st. You can view the video for the "_____Capitalism?" campaign below and here.