'Site Selector' Launched By City To Direct Businesses To Available Real Estate (VIDEO)

09/27/2011 09:04 am ET | Updated Nov 26, 2011

The city's economic development agency unveiled a web-based mapping tool Monday that helps pair prospective Chicago businesses with available real estate.

Developed by World Business Chicago, Site Selector takes user-submitted input about the needs and characteristics of a prospective Chicago business and produces color-coded maps that isolate areas zoned for that type of commerce, connecting users with specific real estate currently available.

According to their website, World Business Chicago developed the program using publicly-available city data and commercial property listings from

In addition to finding property, the app screens for incentive programs a company may qualify for, plus other variables, including bike routes and nearby entertainment, that can optimize a business location, according to Jake Trussell, Creative Director at World Business Chicago, in his video tour of the program.

"We're really excited about Site Selector, but we know it's not perfect," Trussell said, encouraging users to submit feedback.

Site Selector was submitted to the city's Apps for Metro Chicago contest, where it did not place.

Watch Jake Trussell's tour of the new program:

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